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SEO Optimized

SEO Optimized

SEO/search engine optimization is essential to a great web site. It helps you to be found by the people you want to find you! What good is a web site, if only you see it! Nice, attractive, but missing the point. We build in the tools necessary to make your site user friendly and search engine optimized. We work on it upfront, instead of as a last resort, and utilize your niche specific keywords from the beginning, so your site is positioned and ready to hit the fast lane.


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Why do you want a specialist in niche site building? Very Simple, so you don’t get a cookie cutter approach to building your unique web site, Kalanu Web Design is not in the cookie business.
If your web business sells cookbooks and specialty pastries, do you want it look like a site for an accountant? If you want to sell your artwork, you don’t want it to look like a store front built to sell bargain basement shoes by the dozen. If your focus is getting your music found and heard, then you don’t want a site that sells business courses to Wall Street. When we design your niche site, you get the creative look you need, not the generalized common look of industrial ho-hum web sites.

Having us as your niche designer means you can be sure we take your needs into mind, and not design a fast 3 page one size fits all web. We hate doing boring design, so if you want an accountant site, sure, we can make that too, but we much prefer you do your accounting on the beach or someplace cool! That’s how you stand out in the crowd.

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